DAY 13 | Twitter pioneer

Roger Cook, Labor MLA for Kwinana

About 65 WA Members of Parliament are on Twitter, some relatively new to the platform. Welcome to @MarkLewisMLC, who joined in August, @FrankAlban_MLA who joined in June and @JohnQuigley2017 who joined last month.

Technically, Ben Wyatt was the first of the present politicians to join Twitter, in January 2009, yet his first tweet doesn’t appear until 2011. But Roger Cook has been tweeting for almost eight years on Twitter:

His first tweet wasn’t too remarkable …

but it did pip both fellow Labor MLA Lisa Baker

and the Greens’ Lynn Maclaren

Why does it matter?

Being an early adopter on social media platforms comes with advantages. Followers and likes take time to grow, so starting early means you have a bigger audience when you really need it (the first five politicians who joined in 2009 have an average of 2900 followers each. The four who joined in 2016 average just 370.)

It also makes it easier to get the user name you want and gives you a chance to build your credibility as a commentator and influencer.

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