DAY 2 | Best Twitter hobby

Lisa Baker, Labor MLA for Maylands

Most MPs err on the conservative side with their Twitter biographies. Sure, @JandakotJoe (MLA Joe Francis) declares he’s a dog lover, @PeterWatsonMLA was an Olympian in the 1500m, and many nail their football colours to the mast — but only @LisaBakercom shares that “in my spare time I judge dressage”.

Expert in your field? Tell Twitter!

Why does it matter?

Your Twitter bio is your chance to write 160 characters of brilliance that demonstrate why people should follow you and believe what you say. It can include hashtags, links to your website — even emojis.

And if you know what you are doing in your field, tell someone: BufferApp has found using the word ‘official’ in your Twitter bio gives you almost 200 more followers on average, ‘founder’ gets you 180 more, ‘expert’ about 140 more and ‘guru’ another 100.

So our only change for Ms Baker would be to give her full title “Past Chair of Dressage able to judge Grand Prix … and Member for Maylands.”

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