DAY 1 | Most influential on Twitter

Dead heat, Premier Colin Barnett and Opposition Leader Mark McGowan

Who are the influential heavies on Twitter? It’s a question that keeps celebrities, marketers and Donald Trump up at night. You can count influence by followers, or by how often you tweet or are retweeted, or you can use a third-party measurement like Klout. According to the fluctuating Klout metrics, Premier Colin Barnett has a score of 61 out of a possible 100 — exactly the same as Opposition Leader Mark McGowan. It’s a jump of 4 for Mr Barnett since his March 2016 score and a jump of 7 for Mr McGowan over the same time.

For those playing along at home, former National leader Terry Redman presently has a Klout score of 47, on par with Labor’s Margaret Quirk, but pipped by WA National Mia Davies on 50 and Liberal colleague Mike Nahan on 49. The Liberals WA Twitter account has a Klout of 56 and the WA Labor account has a Klout of 57 — at least, that’s the tally at the beginning of the campaign. We will check back as things progress to see if someone is charging up the ranks.

Why does it matter?

Klout was introduced as a metric for online influence back in 2008, and for a while it was a frantic scramble as people tried techniques designed to ratchet up their scores. It reached peak popularity a few years ago and some folks were able to leverage a high Klout score into money-making activity like offering their tweets for hire. It also tries to match people to their expertise (often with little success. Trust me as an apparent expert on Australian Rules Football that it can get expertise quite, quite wrong). Still, Klout remains a useful aggregate of how many mentions, retweets, likes and followers you accrue, and it collates data across several platforms, but you don’t need to see a Klout score to realise that @realDonaldTrump is pretty influential (score of 95 and, incidentally, listed as an expert on … Donald Trump).

DAY 2 | Best Twitter hobby