DAY 7 | Most unusual Twitter pic

Frank Alban, Liberal Member for Swan Hills

A quick glance of the Twitter avatars of our sitting politicians shows a leaning towards corporate headshots – and four default Twitter egg-shots by those still wary about playing on the platform. But not Liberal MLA Frank Alban, whose pic celebrates the launch of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The resulting photo is pretty small but it looks like that might be a Darth Vader T-shirt he’s wearing as well — a leader we can all aspire to emulate.


Why does it matter?

Your Twitter pic does a few things, including helping people identify you and showing that you are not a Twitter robot (often signified by using the default image of an egg head). Research suggests it takes less than 40 milliseconds for people to judge you based on your image, so how do you get the best out of your profile?

One study of more than 800 profile photographs found that for the best results, you should show your eyes, which should squint slightly (really), display a defined jawline and smile.

Research into dating site profile pics has also found your gender can make a difference. Women tended to have more contacts made if they looked at the camera, while men had more contacts if they looked away from the camera.

For politicians worried their photos might not be up to scratch, it’s worth trying Photo Feeler, which sends your photographs to other users who then rate you on whether you look sufficiently competent, influential and trustworthy — useful advice for any would-be parliamentarian!

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