DAY 4 | Electrifying content award

The winner is ... Roe 8

If there’s an early winner for the topic guaranteed to spark interest and conversation, it is Roe 8. In the lead-up to the election being called, the controversial road project dominated media coverage, with the ABC news article announcing Labor’s intention to scrap the plan if it wins power shared more than 4500 times on different networks.

ABC article January 4

But the issue is also driving traffic on the Facebook pages of individual politicians. We did a breakdown of the top 20 Facebook pages of sitting politicians (based on number of likes and followers) over January and found this is a topic that gets their audience fired up and engaged.

Why does it matter?

Sometimes on social media it can feel like you are yelling into the wind. One post will get a few scattered likes and shares; another post next to nothing. That’s where understanding the topics inflaming your audience really matters. Hashtags are more widely used on Twitter but using them on Facebook keeps your audience talking — to you and about you — by highlighting the terms as they scan down the page. It also lets you cross-promote, as Labor are doing with #WeAreWALabor, linking members of the party together so a visitor to one page can easily jump to the others. But you need to use hashtags judiciously on Facebook, using no more than one to two for maximum engagement. As you can see in the image above #safety just doesn’t cut through as a hashtag, while #lawandorder does … but is also the hashtag used by the TV show. #StopRoe8 has the advantage of being short, specific, memorable, relevant and local: all good elements for a political hashtag.

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