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Winner: The WA Electorate

It’s Friday. That means just one day stands between the good people of Western Australia and their quadrennial State Election sausage sizzle.

But before we close the books on the social media scorecard, we thought we’d dive once more into the numbers.

First up, we have to say this has not be a campaign that has galvanised social media in the same way the Federal election or Trump’s election did last year.

Here’s a quick snapshot of social media action captured during the campaign:

There are a couple of peaks, but for most of the campaign things are pretty darn quiet.

So what of the parties?

As we have observed throughout the campaign, the WA Liberal Party has invested significant time and effort on the Premier’s social media platforms. That’s probably come at the expense of the party’s own platform.  Labor has taken the opposite approach: Mark McGowan’s personal pages on Twitter and Facebook get middling ratings at best. Labor’s party page, though, has gone from strength to strength.

The Greens have fought a strong social media campaign. They mix flippant and fun content with serious messages. Their engagement is far greater than either their social media follower numbers — or poll numbers — would suggest.

Part of their strategy’s success lies in the amount of emotional engagement they have secured through the campaign. Have a look at their ‘angry face’ metric below to see how their posts, particularly those on One Nation and Roe 8, have galvanised their base.

The Nationals have fought hard in the final fortnight of the campaign to build their audience and it shows. Once again, the leader has been doing the heavy lifting, with Brendon Grylls heavily engaged on Facebook (if still avoiding Twitter). His personal page has been growing at a healthy 4.5 per cent a week, while the party page is also growing its followers.

But it could be too little, too late, for the Nats to get the traction they need in this crowded election. A look at activity on social channels finds few mentions of the Nationals or of Brendon Grylls. In contrast, there’s still a lot of talk around One Nation. Even if much of it is negative, this is a party going into the election on the top of mind for many voters.

So to cap off our social stars election coverage, we leave you with the final figures on how the parties have performed:

The WA Election in numbers
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