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Sean L'Estrange, Liberal Member for Churchlands

Today’s Social Star is a little strange… or should we say L’Estrange?

Sean L’Estrange that is.

The Liberal MLA for Churchlands and Minister for Mines and Petroleum, Finances and Small Business joined Twitter in 2013  with the handle @SeanLestrangeMP, or at least we think he did.

Someone has that account but it has never tweeted.

Perhaps he was more active on @ChurchlandsMP. That’s another account used by many around Perth to tag Mr L’Estrange in photographs. Strangely, it no longer exists although the Liberal Party website still links to the account.

@ChurchlandsMP was still being @-ed by groups such as CCI just this month.

.@CCI_CEO thanks @ColinBarnett @MikeNahan @churchlandsMP for speaking with #WA business at CCI bfast #wapol

— CCI WA (@CCI_WA) February 15, 2017

Which brings us back to @SeanLestrangeMP. It could be a parody account (a poor one) or perhaps the Minister  started it as a placeholder and left it dormant.

The account follows 28 people, — mainly  members of the Liberal Party, prominent WA journalists and media outlets, as well as CCI WA and CME WA — and is followed by another 95.

There are no tweets, but one singularly odd ‘like’:  a woman taking a selfie in a lift.


— $now (@mmmadelinee) December 29, 2016

A reverse image search found the picture had gone viral as an optical illusion back in January, so presumably someone pops on to the account every now and then if only to enjoy viral visuals.

But what’s odd, if this is an official placeholder account for a WA Minister, is how little care has gone into the optics.

Here’s the Twitter profile (is that a Lleyton Hewitt trademarked “C’mon” gesture?).

Compare that to his Facebook page:

So Minister, we would like to remind you it is never too late to make a start on Twitter — the platform most used by journalists and the news hungry public. We’ve all seen how well (*cough*) it’s working out for Donald Trump.

Why it matters

Dormant accounts on Twitter are increasingly a problem for the platform. Some appear to have been created and left waiting like sleeper cells — potentially for malign intent. After seeing the damage that racist troll accounts caused in the Trump election, that makes Twitter nervous.

Twitter is able to delete inactive accounts, including those that have not posted for six months or do not log in regularly.

So if you want to hold your place  be sure to log on every now and then and tweet.

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