DAY 26 | All over Instagram award

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She’s a big Facebooker and tweeter, but the Greens’ Lynn McLaren is also showing the way for politicians on Instagram. A quick count shows 17 sitting members of Parliament have Instagram accounts. Labor’s Mark McGowan leads  the race for followers with just under 990.

Social Stars | Western Australian State Election 2017

But we give Ms MacLaren props for the quality of her Instagram feed. Her photographs don’t look like they have been taken by a handy professional photographer tagging along on a whistle-stop tour of the state. They are much more authentic. Her 672 followers get to see selfies with fans, pics at protests and lots of lovely dog shots.

There’s even a flashback to Ms MacLaren dressed as a “gay shark” at the 2014 Pride Parade. 

Why does it matter?

With over 600 million users, getting yourself an Instagram account is a no brainer. Usage of this channel has doubled in the last two years, and the platform clocks up to 3.5 billion likes per day with more than 40 billion photos shared daily. Instagram is the second most engaged network after Facebook, with 70 per cent of Instagrammers aged under 35. But it’s also a platform where there’s constant tension between authenticity and contrived perfection.  Some successful Instagrammers have admitted they can spend hours for a single, shareable, ‘spontaneous’ shot so it is refreshing when a politician keeps it real. If there’s one piece of advice we would share, though, it is for Ms MacLaren to go wild with hashtags. Unlike Facebook and Twitter where one or two hashtags work best, Instagram posts with 11 hashtags or more  have the highest interactions.

#GoForIt #Lynn. #BeBrave.




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