DAY 25 | Most memorable Twitter handle

Politicians are well versed in the “your name is your brand” school of thought, and our WA MPs are no exception.

So it’s no surprise that most state pollies take he simple approach to Twitter handles (hello @colinbarnett@benwyatt and @mikenahan). Some throw in parliamentary credentials as a bolt-on (nods to @markmcgowanmp@lizaharveymla and @miadaviesmla).

And some take a more casual approach. Welcome Nationals MP Martin Aldridge (@marty_aldridge) and Labor’s Stephen Dawson (@DawsoMLC) and Margaret Quirk (@QuirkyMLA).

But there is standout for a Twitter handle that serves all goals: that of the Member for Jandakot and Minister for Emergency Services, Fisheries, Corrective Services and Veterans, the Hon. Joe Francis MLA. Take a bow, @jandakotjoe.

As handles go, it’s short and sweet. It has both his name and location. And if he leaves politics doesn’t require updating.

If there’s one issue it is that nowhere on his profile do you get a sense of his day job. Given how many people feel about politics, of course, perhaps that’s not a bad thing.

Why does it matter?

What’s in a name? Well, where it comes to your Twitter handle, quite a bit actually.  Twitter users have created 1.3 billion accounts since the social media platform debuted in 2006. The company boasts around 320 million monthly active users. That’s a lot of noise to cut through if you want to be seen and heard in the Twitterverse.

There are a few dos and don’ts around selecting your Twitter handle. You should include your name, or a combination of  name and business, or name and industry. Or pick a quirky phrase that captures your personality: GrilledCheese for a chef or TheBookmark for a librarian. Random numbers, words and punctuation won’t do you any favours.

Stuck with a poor choice? Don’t despair. You can change your handle at any time to something cooler as long as you use 15 characters or fewer.

But with a solid eight years as the Member for Jandakot and more than 1,400 Twitter followers behind him, we’re betting @jandakotjoe is happy with his handle.

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