DAY 19 | Totally engaged award

Mia Davies, Nationals MLA for Central Wheatbelt

The WA Nationals’ Mia Davies might not have the biggest Facebook audience of WA politicians, but she scores pretty highly on some of the key metrics that indicate whether social media activity is a success.

Her Facebook page ranks higher than the average politician (according to Meltwater’s LikeAlyser tool) which gives her a 74/100 for her Facebook page compared to 60/100 for the average pollie.

She has a good mix of pics and is also not afraid to deploy the emojis for impact.

In fact, Ms Davies is the leading WA politician among Meltwater’s list of top performing Australian leaders on Facebook.

She beats Federal political heavyweights such as Julie Bishop and Michaelia Cash, who both score 57/100 on the Meltwater ranking.

(In fairness, some key WA figures mysteriously don’t appear on the list of Australian politicians. Colin Barnett scores 77/100, and is ranked 1589th on the world leaders’ list).

What makes her successful? Ms Davies is a hashtag user. She has many engaged followers among the 1950-odd fans who like her page. And she receives about 34 likes, comments and shares on average per post.

But she posts less than once a day and Meltwater gives her a “catastrophic” rating on her response rate, a sign she’s leaving many of her fans’ comments unanswered.

Why does it matter?

The metrics users can get about Facebook are so detailed, you can feel like a slave to the social platform. (Response time, 16 minutes and counting …) But the more engaged you are, the more responsive you’re likely to be. And the more interested you are in what your audience wants to discuss the better. The simple fact is, likes are good but when it comes to getting a return on your social media investment, engagement beats everything.

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