DAY 18 | The Good Egg award

Kate Doust, Labor MLC for Southern Metropolitan Region

Let’s be clear, some of our favourite people are eggs, and four sitting MPs at last count are as well.

@MickMurrayMLA is an egg, @JohnQuigley2017 is, and so is @LibbyMettamMLA.

But unlike the other political egg-heads, Kate Doust (@KateDoustMLC) has built a substantial following. She has gained more than 500 followers in five years on Twitter with 720+ tweets, photos and videos, despite the potential shellshocked.

Why does it matter?

An egg is the default profile picture for Twitter, and being one says a number of things about your profile.

The egg symbol may indicate the user is not as adept at the platform as a ‘real’ person. It can be a sign of a spambot, or it could mean you are a Twitter troll. It might simply mean you don’t want to upload a profile picture, but bad eggs have become synonymous with hate speech, fake followers and inactive profiles.

Being an egg might not seem a critical issue, but it can also diminish your following. Profiles that feature a picture record almost 10 times more followers on average than profiles using the default pic.

Interestingly, it turns out that 20% of Donald Trump’s followers are eggs5 million out of his 24 million odd followers. And only one in four of his total following has bothered to Tweet since his remarkable election. Eggs raise eyebrows, that’s all we are saying.

But let’s leave the last word on this to Shakespeare. In Act IV of Macbeth, the King hatches a plan for a fowl attack that eggstends to MacDuff’s son (see what we did there):


Shakespeare understood Twitter trolls better than anyone

— TheLitCritGuy (@TheLitCritGuy) May 3, 2016

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